Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ron Rosenstock prints at the Boston Globe Store

We are pleased to announce the addition of Ron Rosenstock’s B&W Fine Art images to the Boston Globe Store. Ron has selected DSI as his Fine Art B&W digital printer to meet the growing demand for his work in a digital age. Please read the introduction below to Ron’s work by Paul Caponigro.
Ron Rosenstock images at the Boston Globe Store

The Photography of Ron Rosenstock
By Paul Caponigro

Ron has worked within the tradition of large-format landscape photography for many years and comes to it with caring and a simple love of the craft. His eye surveys the external world as if inquiring; his images offer us intimations of answers. The elements of his subjects seem to align themselves to his quiet intent. Cloud, water, stone and mist-drenched and sun-gleamed flora arrange themselves in his photographs much like iron filings aligning to a magnet. Within this realm of affirmation we hear the quiet “whisperings” of his silver manipulations. His revelations, and our own, soon follow.

Ron’s images not only convey the grace of fine tradition but also his gratitude to those masters of photography who provided him with a foundation in the value of the craft. His photographs bespeak the peace and poise that come from attuning himself to the medium and to his own world. What appears to be longing in Ron’s photographs mirrors the longing we all feel for the spirit concealed from view. Mystery seems to be gentle with Ron; he accepts the challenge of discovery without brooding excessively over veiled treasures. Through the camera he sustains his search for connections with such mysteries. We see in his photographs his perseverance towards the greater flight.

From The Light of Ireleand
Photographs by Ron Rosenstock
Introduction by Paul Caponigro
Copyright 2000
Reprinted with permission from the artist.

Image - Noon Shadows, San Gimignano, Italy, 1995

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