Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Kids on the Block

From the steady stream of interested shooters, educators and industry media professionals you would not know it was our first time exhibiting at Photoshop World. DSI had five representatives working at once. Our strong visual impact brought hundreds of curious attendees into our compact booth. Our stunning gallery of images brought people in and they stayed to learn about our unique technology and the longevity, neutral tones, and absence of color shift our images deliver. Our successful show promotion offer was a hot item - it remains available on our website through April 15th.

Our collaboration with The Griffin Museum was spotlighted by stunning archival images of Ted Williams,
shot by Arthur Griffin, which we sold in small format. Kathy Skarvan from Ava Art designed framing for two handsome prints displayed at our entrance. Precision Camera has chosen DSI as their preferred lab partner and we put out information on their new Digital IR camera conversions. We were impressed by the strong show of support shared by both professional and amateur photographers. As the only New England lab to meld digital advantages with the beauty and quality of true silver gelatin prints we won't be the new kids for long.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Infrared conversions

Our good friends at Precision Camera are excited to offer Infrared Conversions on most digital camera models!

Precision Camera is the World’s Largest Camera Repair Facility. They are in a unique position to offer quality infrared conversions at an affordable price.

  • Infrared Conversion Costs:
  • Point & Shoot Camera - $129+S&H
  • DSLR - $249+S&H
  • Full Frame DSLR - $299+S&H

I have seen and printed files from a Nikon D700 conversion and I was very impressed.

Image by Walter Van Dusen, Nikon D700 converted to infrared by Precision Camera.

PSW - free pass for Thursday or Friday

We have a limited number of free passes available for PSW. The pass covers Thursday & Friday and gets you into the expo for free. Drop me a message through the Digital Silver Imaging contact page and I'll get a pass to you via email. Please include your email and add "PSW Pass" to the comments box.

- Jay

Photoshop World

We will be at Photoshop World! March 25 to 27. Visit our booth, where Ted Dillard will be signing his books, including "Raw Pipeline" & "Color Pipeline". You can preorder "Smart Object Pipeline", due in July and "Black & White Pipeline", due in October. His books will be available at special shop prices.

Kathy Skarvan from Ava Art will have some of her beautiful custom frames, around our beautiful prints, on display.

We be offering our Print-Sample-Promo (PSP) - one 8x10 RC & one 8x10 fiber print for $20.00, includes shipping in USA. The $20.00 can be applied as a credit to your next order. Basically it is a free sample of our gelatin silver prints. Go to www.digitalsilverimaging.com/promo to upload an image. Be sure to read the File Requirements before uploading.

I personally can't wait. I haven't been to Photoshop World before and really want to see what people are doing, take a few seminars and put faces to the names I've read or emailed or talked to. Can't wait!

- Jay

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eugene Richards at PRC

The PRC Boston Eugene Richards lecture was amazing. Powerful. Depressing.

Whenever I go to a PRC event it is kind of like going back in time 10 or 20 years. I went to photo school at New England School of Photography in 1984 & 1985. I worked in camera stores mostly - SBI Sales before it became part of Hunt Photo - and Campus Camera & Electronics - before in became part of Colortek and finally closed up. I was out of photo for a number of years doing hitech work. I missed the boom and made it through the bubble bursting but finally was laid off. I ended up back where I was and I am glad.

So when I go to a PRC event or an opening I see lots of people I knew years ago. They stayed with their photo careers and some are doing amazing work. Bit we all come out to see the really amazing stuff & people, like Eugene Richards, Elliot Erwitt, and so on.

The is the first time I have seen Eugene Richards speak. He presented two recent bodies of work - one of abandoned house & one of returning veterans. These were powerful images, even the houses. If you are familiar with his work can imagine the photos he would take of a veteran who came home with 40% of his brain physically destroyed. Or a man who lost both his hands but left the prosthetic off one so he could feel his babies skin.

Without going on about each image or trying to repeat his words, I will say my friend Eric Luden and I talked about the lecture the next day at the lab. Eric pointed out that "The Blue Room" work on empty houses was a two way departure from Richards previous work - it was in color & had no people. I said that after 30 or 40 years of photographing addicts, the mentally ill, his dying wife, etc. I guy needs a break!

- Jay Gaffney

Monday, March 2, 2009

The First Annual PRC Juried Publication

The Photographic Resource Center invites entries for its First Annual PRC Juried Publication. The work selected by guest juror Dana Faconti, Editor & Publisher of Blind Spot Magazine, will be reproduced in a full-color insert in the PRC's Fall 2009 newsletter, in the loupe, along with contact information. Eligible to PRC members at time of entry through November 2009. $25.00. Deadline April 11, 2009. See the PRC website for more info.

If you are not a PRC member yet ( and you should be one!! ) this is a great opportunity to join.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Would you let this guy trim your prints?

Trimming your prints with the finest technology and care.