Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ron Rosenstock prints at the Boston Globe Store

We are pleased to announce the addition of Ron Rosenstock’s B&W Fine Art images to the Boston Globe Store. Ron has selected DSI as his Fine Art B&W digital printer to meet the growing demand for his work in a digital age. Please read the introduction below to Ron’s work by Paul Caponigro.
Ron Rosenstock images at the Boston Globe Store

The Photography of Ron Rosenstock
By Paul Caponigro

Ron has worked within the tradition of large-format landscape photography for many years and comes to it with caring and a simple love of the craft. His eye surveys the external world as if inquiring; his images offer us intimations of answers. The elements of his subjects seem to align themselves to his quiet intent. Cloud, water, stone and mist-drenched and sun-gleamed flora arrange themselves in his photographs much like iron filings aligning to a magnet. Within this realm of affirmation we hear the quiet “whisperings” of his silver manipulations. His revelations, and our own, soon follow.

Ron’s images not only convey the grace of fine tradition but also his gratitude to those masters of photography who provided him with a foundation in the value of the craft. His photographs bespeak the peace and poise that come from attuning himself to the medium and to his own world. What appears to be longing in Ron’s photographs mirrors the longing we all feel for the spirit concealed from view. Mystery seems to be gentle with Ron; he accepts the challenge of discovery without brooding excessively over veiled treasures. Through the camera he sustains his search for connections with such mysteries. We see in his photographs his perseverance towards the greater flight.

From The Light of Ireleand
Photographs by Ron Rosenstock
Introduction by Paul Caponigro
Copyright 2000
Reprinted with permission from the artist.

Image - Noon Shadows, San Gimignano, Italy, 1995

Happy New Year!

Been a little while since the last posts so I'll use today to get started again.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Jay & Eric & everyone at DSI

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Facing Peace - Photographs by Lisa Kessler

FACING PEACE Struggles, Strengths, Strategies of Families Surviving Violence
Photographs by Lisa Kessler & artwork by survivor families

Exhibition November 6 - December 8, 2008

Opening Reception with photographer, Peace Institute staff, and participating families:
Friday, November 14, 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Artist Talk: Thursday, November 20, 5:00 – 6:30 pm

Marran Gallery at Lesley University Student Center
Corner of Mellen & Oxford Streets, Cambridge, MA (Harvard Sq. T – 10 min. walk)

FACING PEACE – Struggles, Strengths, Strategies of Families Surviving Violence is an exhibition celebrating the strength of survivors of homicide victims, and showcasing the collaboration between Boston photographer Lisa Kessler, the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, and Lesley University.

The exhibition includes Kessler’s photographic portraits of families involved with the Peace Institute – a Dorchester organization founded to assist the families of homicide victims - as well as artwork created by the survivor families. Facing Peace shines a light on the broad, rippling effects of street violence and the survival strategies of families working towards peace.

The families participating in this exhibition want to be seen and heard. They are both struggling with and finding strength from the Peace Institute’s seven principles: love, unity, faith, hope, courage, justice and the f-word, forgiveness. They have rejected the familiar paths of retaliation, shame and isolation. They want their murdered children to be valued, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the death, and for their surviving children to grow up in safe environments, recognized for their human worth rather than being seen as statistics waiting to happen.

They want their struggles and their strengths to contribute to building a culture of peace. The photographs and the exhibition FACING PEACE – Struggles, Strengths, Strategies of Families Surviving Violence are a collective strategy, part of creating a vision and a forum for action that is larger than any of us as individuals, families or institutions.

About the Artist:
Lisa Kessler is a Boston based photographer whose photographs and short film have been recognized by the Honickman Foundation/Duke University Center for Documentary Studies, Pictures of the Year International, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is in the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She teaches photography at area colleges and works for editorial, corporate and non-profit clients.

About the Peace Institute:
The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute was founded to assist and support the families of homicide victims in the most difficult times of their lives. The Peace Institute has a fully integrated curriculum for all students that prepares them to deal with trauma and grief, build non-violence and conflict resolution skills, and commit themselves to peace work in their families and their communities. The Peace Institute is committed to restorative justice theories and building sustainable peace in our home communities.
- Jay

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Portfolio Review at SPE Mid Atlantic @ Carnegie Mellon

I was invited to review graduate and under graduate portfolio’s at the Society for Photographic Education Mid Atlantic conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Carnegie Mellon was the host university and Collette Copeland organized an excellent event for the weekend. I was impressed with the speakers and the general support of the photographic community.

The students’ images were strong and they each demonstrated a solid body of work. They all were working on various subjects and themes. One young woman was using photography to explore uncomfortable topics, ranging from teen sexuality and suicide. Her images provided an opportunity to open a dialogue about these issues. Another young woman was using a variety of cameras, from pinhole and Holgas up to 4x5 to explore her environment. A young man named Andrew, recently back from duty in Afghanistan, was producing some beautiful black & white landscape images.

I was very impressed by the work of a young woman, Paulina Waksmundzki, from Penn State University. She has an excellent command of lighting and structure in her images. I encourage you to visit her website at and enjoy her work.

My thanks to Collette Copeland for inviting me to the conference. You can view her work at

- Eric

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 4 2008


NIK Software seminar

Thanks to everyone who came to the NIK Software seminar at E. P. Levine last week. There was a great demo by Janice Wendt using NIK Silver Efex for B&W workflow. Kathy Skarvan showed beautiful frames from her company Ava Art.

Friday, October 17, 2008

PHOTOPLUS 2008 at Javitts Center

Digital Silver Imaging will be closed on Oct 23 & 24 so we can attend PDN PHOTOPLUS 2008 at the Javitts Center in NYC.

Look around for Eric or Jay and see some sample prints.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Columbus Day 10/13/08 & PMA meeting on 10/14/08

Digital Silver Imaging will be closed all day
Monday October 13.
We will be closing at 5:00 pm on Tuesday October 15
to attend the PMA meeting.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MARKETING WORKSHOP with Mary Virginia Swanson

Some details below on a workshop with Mary Virginia Swanson. For those who don't know Swannie, she is an amazing person to work with. Her knowledge of photography, galleries, portfolio reviews is unsurpassed. Swannie has given great advice in seminars at the PRC and to many local photogs in one-on-one consultations. She'll get you to focus on the pieces that matter and really get you on track.

The Center for Creative Photography in Tuscan is another amazing rescource. Their outstanding collection can be viewed up close and personal ( but no touching the photos ). Appointments are necessary.
From the CCP website - "
The print study program gives the public free and unprecedented access (by appointment) to one of the world's largest photography collections. During the scheduled viewing, visitors may select and view photographs from the over 80,000 prints in the Center's collection."
I was there in 2006 and had them bring out some of my favorite photogs - Arbus, Winogrand, Avedon and David Akiba. Yes, you coulkd see their work in galleries, museuns and books. But yiou would be able to look under the matt and see the notes on the back! Really an great place to visit.

MARKETING WORKSHOP for PHOTOGRAPHERS November 6-9th in Tucson, Arizona

This workshop, led by Mary Virginia Swanson, will provide participants with an overview
of the fine art photography market and how one can effectively target galleries, collections and publishers most likely to respond to their work. Participants will gain an understanding of presenting work to industry professionals via competitions and portfolio review events, as well as the value of attending Gallery Expos such as Photo LA and AIPAD. Examples of successful promotional tools with be shared, as well as selfpublished image catalogues and limited edition books. Ms. Swanson will share her extensive library of reference materials with participants.

Guest Instructors: artists Lisa M. Robinson (.com) and Ken Rosenthal (.com)

Site visits: Center for Creative Photography and Etherton Gallery

The workshop begins at 6 p.m. on November 6th and concludes at 12:00 noon on Sunday November 9th. Optional sessions include Rosenthal/Robinson Studio tour and one-hour consultations with Ms. Swanson. Discounted hotel rates have been arranged.

Visit and go to UPCOMING EVENTS for complete details.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Peter Laytin at the Fitchburg Art Museum

Digital Silver Imaging's friends Peter Laytin & his students will be exhibiting work from Italy in "Italy in View" at the Fitchburg Art Museum, from now until January 2009.

Italy in View
October 5, 2008—January 4, 2009
Student photography from the Fitchburg State College summer photography program in Verona, Italy. Selected by Peter Laytin, instructor, and program director.

NIK Software Silver Efex Pro reviewed

Check out this review of NIK Software's Silver Efex Pro plugin for Photoshop by Craig Wolf.

I use Silver Efex in the lab fairly often and find it a great addition to the toolbox.

"Can anyone tell me how they developed this plug-in? Did they hold a seance and contact Ansel Adams and Edward Weston? I don't know. I do know that Nik Silver Efex Pro is as good as gold. Even somebody like me can achieve fantastic results in just seconds. You may begin to smell the chemicals after looking at your own results." - Craig Wolf

Friday, October 3, 2008

Upcoming events

NIK Software B & W workflow seminar
at E.P. Levine,
Drydock Ave, Boston
Thursday October 30 6:00 pm social hour, 6:30 pm class

Call 617-489-0035 for more details

3 Somerville Photographers

Don Gurewitz
Jamil Simon
Meg Birnbaum
at the Old Schwamb Mill Museum
17 Mill Lane, Arlington, MA

Reception Saturday October 11
2:30 - 4:30 pm