Friday, June 26, 2009

New Professional RC Print Service. True B&W RC Prints at a great price!

DSI is pleased to offer a new Professional RC B&W print service. This service is ideal for the photographer who wants total control of their digital workflow.

We have some specific file requirements as far as sizing and format. We can still deliver stunning black & white prints, with absolutely no color cast, on true B&W RC paper.

You can get 4x6 prints as low as $0.99 per print and 8x12 prints for $4.99.

Plus get a FREE 8x12 print with your order of 25 4x6 prints. Please visit our promotion page for more details.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Corinne Schippert prints at Jam N Java

We are happy to let you know one of our favorite customers, Corinne Schippert, has her photographs on display at Jam N Java, 594 Mass Ave, Arlington. Hours are Monday through Saturday 6:30am to 7pm, on Sunday till 6pm.

An Arlington resident, Corinne Schippert has been a professional photographer for over 15
years. She lives with her husband Winslow Martin, also a photographer, and their son Eliot, a first grader at the Brackett Elementary School.

Corinne has always been drawn to people and in particular rites of passage. She is known
for her unique ability to capture expression, emotion and soul. Sometimes with humor, sometimes quite seriously, but always with her own artistic style.

Most of her commercial work thus far has focused on weddings, winning Boston Magazine’s
“Best of Boston” wedding photographer in 2002, and last year being recognized by the Improper Bostonian as “Boston’s Best” wedding photographer. She is trusted by Boston’s most prestigious wedding planners to cover events from the most intimate gatherings to the largest, most opulent galas.

Now deeply immersed in family life herself, Corinne brings the insight and love of being a
parent to her children’s photography. Her approach is to meet the child on their own level and BE with them, to photograph them as they are. This means playing, having fun, living in the moment. It is childhood at its best.

All work is done with the most critical eye for quality and craftsmanship. Black & white digi
tal images are custom printed on true black and white papers, producing the most archival prints available today.

A special thanks to Eric Luden of Digital Silver Imaging in Belmont for
his support in printing all of the black and white images in this show.

Commissions are now booking for Summer and Fall 2009.

For more information, or contact
the studio directly to speak with Corinne.

corinne schippert photography
20 Coolidge Road
Arlington, MA 02476
781 643 1919


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DSI Launches "Pixels 2 Prints" professional B&W RC Print Service

We are pleased to launch our new P2P "Pixels 2 Prints" professional RC Print service. This new service still provides TRUE black and white RC silver prints from digital files. This streamlined file prep process allows us to get files through our system more efficiently and provide a cost saving program for portrait, wedding and other commercial photographers. We have a special promotion for June as part of our launch.

Order 25 4" X 6" prints, you receive a FREE 8x12 RC print.


4X6 $1.09
8x12 $4.99
11X14 $9.99

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ron Rosenstock "Infrared" June 30th - Sept 4th. Reception July 31st 6-8PM

We are proud to announce the next exhibit at the Griffin Museum Gallery at Digital Silver Imaging. Ron Rosenstock's "Infrared" will be exhibiting from June 30 to September 4 with an artists
reception July 31 from 6 to 8 pm. The Gallery is located at 11 Brighton St. Belmont, MA. (Zeff Photo is next door to our gallery)

Ron has been conducting international photo tours since 1967 ( He specializes in Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Morocco, and the Czech Republic.


The first time I saw examples of infrared photography was in 1967. My photography teacher, Minor White, had shown a number of the images he made using infrared film. I was struck by the altered state of reality of each image. Black and white photography is an abstraction by itself, but using only the wave length of infrared, reveals a reality that we can not see with our eyes.

Up until recently the only way to achieve infrared photography had been with infrared film, a tedious and difficult process. With the advent of digital photography it is now possible to have a camera altered to become a dedicated infrared camera. All digital cameras come with a filter that omits infrared light. There is a company,, that will remove that filter and add a special filter that only allows infrared light to pass through it. Once that change is made, that camera will only be able to make infrared images.

Because of this new technological development, making infrared photographs is as easy as making any digital image. It's an opportunity to explore a different level of reality. The photographs along this wall were all made recently in Morocco and Iceland and were printed on silver gelatin paper by Digital Silver Imaging. These represent my first foray into the world of infrared photography.

Ron Rosenstock June 2009

For a PDF press release, please click here

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DSI's Griffin Museum Gallery article in Belmont Citizen-Herald

Link to the article in Wicked Local, by Cassie Norton
Belmont, Mass. - In the midst of the digital age, photography is changing. More people have access to cameras and the means to take thousands of photographs at one time. Stored on computers, those photos can be shared online with family and friends around the world.

But there are still artists who use film, and those who choose to display their artwork the old-fashioned way. Into that breech steps the Griffin Museum with a collaborative approach to sharing art with the public.

Based in Winchester, the museum was founded in 1992 to provide a forum for the exhibition of both historic and contemporary photography. Director Paula Tognarelli recently announced the creation of a satellite gallery in Belmont, at Digital Silver Imaging.

Dubbed “the Griffin Museum at Digital Silver Imaging,” the gallery is a collaboration that “helps make all the parties involved stronger,” Tognarelli said.

“We are the only lab in New England that is doing true black-and-white printing from digital files,” owner Eric Luden said.

Science of Exposure - Adv. Studio Lighting - Classical Posing Bride & Groom

Click Here for Seminar Info

Join us with artleather on Monday June 29 at the Crowne Plaza Boston-Natick for a full day seminar with Frank Dispensa,
PPA Certified, M.Photog.Cr., API, APM.

Enter one 16x20 mounted print. Frank will critique each print and award the
"The artleather Commitment to Excellence Award" for Best in Show.

We are offering each attendee a $39 credit on a $100+ order. artleather is offering a $39 credit on a $200+ order.