Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MARKETING WORKSHOP with Mary Virginia Swanson

Some details below on a workshop with Mary Virginia Swanson. For those who don't know Swannie, she is an amazing person to work with. Her knowledge of photography, galleries, portfolio reviews is unsurpassed. Swannie has given great advice in seminars at the PRC and to many local photogs in one-on-one consultations. She'll get you to focus on the pieces that matter and really get you on track.

The Center for Creative Photography in Tuscan is another amazing rescource. Their outstanding collection can be viewed up close and personal ( but no touching the photos ). Appointments are necessary.
From the CCP website - "
The print study program gives the public free and unprecedented access (by appointment) to one of the world's largest photography collections. During the scheduled viewing, visitors may select and view photographs from the over 80,000 prints in the Center's collection."
I was there in 2006 and had them bring out some of my favorite photogs - Arbus, Winogrand, Avedon and David Akiba. Yes, you coulkd see their work in galleries, museuns and books. But yiou would be able to look under the matt and see the notes on the back! Really an great place to visit.

MARKETING WORKSHOP for PHOTOGRAPHERS November 6-9th in Tucson, Arizona

This workshop, led by Mary Virginia Swanson, will provide participants with an overview
of the fine art photography market and how one can effectively target galleries, collections and publishers most likely to respond to their work. Participants will gain an understanding of presenting work to industry professionals via competitions and portfolio review events, as well as the value of attending Gallery Expos such as Photo LA and AIPAD. Examples of successful promotional tools with be shared, as well as selfpublished image catalogues and limited edition books. Ms. Swanson will share her extensive library of reference materials with participants.

Guest Instructors: artists Lisa M. Robinson (.com) and Ken Rosenthal (.com)

Site visits: Center for Creative Photography and Etherton Gallery

The workshop begins at 6 p.m. on November 6th and concludes at 12:00 noon on Sunday November 9th. Optional sessions include Rosenthal/Robinson Studio tour and one-hour consultations with Ms. Swanson. Discounted hotel rates have been arranged.

Visit www.mvswanson.com and go to UPCOMING EVENTS for complete details.

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