Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Portfolio Review at SPE Mid Atlantic @ Carnegie Mellon

I was invited to review graduate and under graduate portfolio’s at the Society for Photographic Education Mid Atlantic conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Carnegie Mellon was the host university and Collette Copeland organized an excellent event for the weekend. I was impressed with the speakers and the general support of the photographic community.

The students’ images were strong and they each demonstrated a solid body of work. They all were working on various subjects and themes. One young woman was using photography to explore uncomfortable topics, ranging from teen sexuality and suicide. Her images provided an opportunity to open a dialogue about these issues. Another young woman was using a variety of cameras, from pinhole and Holgas up to 4x5 to explore her environment. A young man named Andrew, recently back from duty in Afghanistan, was producing some beautiful black & white landscape images.

I was very impressed by the work of a young woman, Paulina Waksmundzki, from Penn State University. She has an excellent command of lighting and structure in her images. I encourage you to visit her website at www.pwphotography.moonfruit.com and enjoy her work.

My thanks to Collette Copeland for inviting me to the conference. You can view her work at http://colettecopeland.com/about.htm

- Eric

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