Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eric speaks at Boston Photography Center April 8 at NESOP

From Boston Photography Center website -
With over 25 years Eric Luden, founder and owner of Digital Silver Imaging in Belmont, MA will present their true B&W printing solution. Eric has been in the New England photographic community for 25 plus years and has worked as a fine art photographer and printer, ran a commercial studio, and went on to work for Kodak, Ilford and HARMAN technology. Digital Silver Imaging provides archival gelatin silver prints from digital files.

Eric will provide a brief overview of the digital printing world and the various technologies that have existed. He will primarily focus on the b&w solutions for photographers. This will include the work he has done with Ilford and the development of various ink technologies and most recently, the b&w digital papers that Ilford recently developed. He will have some information on archival properties and comparison samples of B&W, Color and Inkjet.

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