Friday, October 30, 2009

Mojica Photography blogs about DSI

They don't make cameras like they used to--literally! Digital photography can be both a blessing and a curse. While amenities such as printing images on a printer instead of a dark room and Photoshop instead of an airbrush can cut down on costs for prints and photo restoration or manipulation, the quality of a true black and white picture has all but faded away like antiquity--until now. Digital Silver Imaging has brought back one of the keystones of traditional photography, the silver gelatin print! Silver gelatin is superior in every way to run-of-the-mill digital prints. It is the material that is warranted when you have a true piece of art. Like Durer making wood-cuts of his creations, DSI uses a medium that stands the test of time. Too many beautiful images are spoiled by sunlight and exposure to humidity. The problem is, if you have a beautiful picture, you want to display so it can be enjoyed. When you chose DSI for your black and white prints, you get the best of both worlds: the longevity of silver gelatin and the definition, clarity, and emotion of black and white. We recommend Digital Silver Imaging prints for your most cherished images. You may have save your wedding cake in the freezer or store your wedding dress in the closet, but your wedding pictures should be out in the open. DSI prints let you keep your pictures out in the open without having to worry or fuss over having reprints or restorations done. And the clarity of silver gelatin is unparalleled!

Joshua & Loraine McCall from Mojica Photography

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