Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Competition Printing Services

Digital Silver Imaging is pleased to announce the launch of our new Competition Printing services.  We have added this service to meet the growing demand for black & white printing.  I have seen an increase in black & white prints at the regional PPA competitions and noticed that many of the prints are on color papers.  Many photographers had moved away from printing b&w images due to the color cast they were getting from their professional color labs.

We recently did two true black & white competition prints for Dan Doke at the Professional Photographer's of Massachusetts convention and this is his response to our printing:

 "Man they look awesome.  I used to be a pretty good black and white printer...Then digital set in 10 or so years ago and I did not touch my darkroom. I got used to the bluish grey color my lab put out.  I sent those same files to my color lab and they said that the contrast was off and would not look good.  So I called you right away and had Digital Silver Imaging do  them.  They look awesome!!  I forgot about the real blacks and mid-tones in a real print. I am blow away."

Dan earned two blue ribbons, including an 82 & a 90 for his two images.

Digital Silver Imaging's Competition Printing services are reasonably priced and provide a great solution for your print.  We use true Ilford B&W silver gelatin papers and chemicals to produce neutral tone, archival prints.  These are mounted to the appropriate board for PPA competition requirements.

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