Thursday, August 19, 2010

Portland, ME

We just came back from a road trip that took us up to Maces Bay in NB Canada (part of the Bay of Fundy) and then back down through Portland, ME.  I am still editing all my infrared shots I took up in Canada.  We have a Nikon D80 that was converted to Infrared and I am still working on the files in Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex Pro

The coast is amazing up there; very rustic and rugged. This photo is actually from Portland; I don't have any of the other shots edited yet, so you're getting one shot from the iPhone!

During our stop in South Portland (we were looking for a lobster roll!) we came across Meredith Perdue and her photo studio on Prebble St.  She had a lot of black & white photographs hanging in her studio, so we had to stop in and introduce ourselves. She does very elegant portraits and other photography.  She is conveniently located next to the best ice cream shop I have been to.  You'll have to visit Meredith at her photography studio to find out the name of the best ice cream in Portland, ME. You can tell them Eric & Syb sent you!

I'll have more of the infrared shots to upload here soon.

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