Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DSI's Griffin Museum Gallery article in Belmont Citizen-Herald

Link to the article in Wicked Local, by Cassie Norton
Belmont, Mass. - In the midst of the digital age, photography is changing. More people have access to cameras and the means to take thousands of photographs at one time. Stored on computers, those photos can be shared online with family and friends around the world.

But there are still artists who use film, and those who choose to display their artwork the old-fashioned way. Into that breech steps the Griffin Museum with a collaborative approach to sharing art with the public.

Based in Winchester, the museum was founded in 1992 to provide a forum for the exhibition of both historic and contemporary photography. Director Paula Tognarelli recently announced the creation of a satellite gallery in Belmont, at Digital Silver Imaging.

Dubbed “the Griffin Museum at Digital Silver Imaging,” the gallery is a collaboration that “helps make all the parties involved stronger,” Tognarelli said.

“We are the only lab in New England that is doing true black-and-white printing from digital files,” owner Eric Luden said.

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