Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ron Rosenstock "Infrared" June 30th - Sept 4th. Reception July 31st 6-8PM

We are proud to announce the next exhibit at the Griffin Museum Gallery at Digital Silver Imaging. Ron Rosenstock's "Infrared" will be exhibiting from June 30 to September 4 with an artists
reception July 31 from 6 to 8 pm. The Gallery is located at 11 Brighton St. Belmont, MA. (Zeff Photo is next door to our gallery)

Ron has been conducting international photo tours since 1967 (www.phototc.com) He specializes in Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Morocco, and the Czech Republic.


The first time I saw examples of infrared photography was in 1967. My photography teacher, Minor White, had shown a number of the images he made using infrared film. I was struck by the altered state of reality of each image. Black and white photography is an abstraction by itself, but using only the wave length of infrared, reveals a reality that we can not see with our eyes.

Up until recently the only way to achieve infrared photography had been with infrared film, a tedious and difficult process. With the advent of digital photography it is now possible to have a camera altered to become a dedicated infrared camera. All digital cameras come with a filter that omits infrared light. There is a company, www.precisioncamera.com, that will remove that filter and add a special filter that only allows infrared light to pass through it. Once that change is made, that camera will only be able to make infrared images.

Because of this new technological development, making infrared photographs is as easy as making any digital image. It's an opportunity to explore a different level of reality. The photographs along this wall were all made recently in Morocco and Iceland and were printed on silver gelatin paper by Digital Silver Imaging. These represent my first foray into the world of infrared photography.

Ron Rosenstock June 2009

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