Monday, September 21, 2009

Eric Luden to lecture at Stan Godwin workshop

Eric Luden will be heading to the Cape this weekend as a guest at Stan Godwin's workshops. We will be discussing black & white work flow and how to integrate some of these into printing at Digital Silver Imaging. There will be a brief overview of the various options that have existed for digital shooters and how DSI is working to offer another solution for photographers today.

Once you have an RGB color file, how do you "see" it in black & white? Does the image have a different look and feel once you remove the color? How does our true black & white gelatin silver printing process compliment the black & white digital work flow?

If you're in the area this Saturday, October 26th, come to the Cape and find out.

For more details about the lecture and other workshops with Stan Godwin, click here.

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