Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Kennedy Brothers at The Boston Globe Store

We have all read, seen, and heard a lot about the Kennedy family over the past week. The passing of Ted Kennedy brought a lot of people out to share in his life and remember a lot of the good things that family has done over the decades. Ted Kennedy was a dedicated family man and held up many people through a lot of tragedy.

This image of the 3 brothers taken by Robert Lilyestrom in July, 1960 reminds us of the energy and charisma that these men possessed. Photography helps us all hold onto the memories of a bygone era, whether it's our own family, or others. This black and white print has been very important to many people and we have been making many prints this week.

You can visit the Boston Globe Store and get your own copy of the Kennedy brothers, printed on true gelatin silver black & white paper for the best in archival quality.

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