Monday, September 13, 2010

 Andy Ryan's gallery talk drew an SRO crowd of Architects, MIT faculty and Photographers eager to learn the inside story on documenting the landmark projects construction over seven years. Ryan accompanied his remarks with a slide presentation of images documenting twenty years of work in China. He discussed the major impact digital photography has had on his workflow, his ability to create a vast archives of "virtual" work and the challenges related to usage rights.

He related his use of equipment and the capturing of a matrix of images to control for distortion while covering the immense expanse of these huge structures.  This attention to detail and honoring the needs of his clients is tantamount to the process. Architect Steven Holl remains particularly pleased by Ryan maintaining his favored cubed windows, patterns and shapes from becoming rectangular. Ryan shoots with a Hasselblad digital camera and has been working with their GPS metadata systems as part of his work. These massive files are stitched together in post production creating finely detailed and sharp images. Ryan chose to work with Digital Silver Imaging to produce rich toned black & white silver gelatin fiber prints using a true photographic process to maintain the integrity of his work.

Discovering, initiating and building creative relationships is at the heart of Ryan's work. He actively courts several clients simultaneously to make the most of the time spent abroad. Dealing with the incredibly crowded, dusty, busy city is a constant challenge. The winds that create the below freezing winter temperatures also make for a crystal blue sky.

You can view the complete portfolio from our recent exhibition, Architecture of the New China: Landmark Projects of Beijing. 

All of the images from this exhibition are for sale.  Please contact the gallery for further information.

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