Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Infrared Camera Conversions

DSI is pleased to partner with Precision Camera, the world's largest camera repair facility based in Enfield, CT, to provide Digital Infrared Camera Conversions. Precision has earned their reputation for over 59 years in the camera repair business. With their repair authorizations, test equipment and factory service training from all the major camera manufacturers, no one does camera service and IR Conversions better than Precision Camera! Precision is also able to provide their IR conversion service at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Point & Shoot IR Converions.....just $129
D-SLR IR Converions....just $249
Full Frame D-SLR IR Conversions....just $299

This is for either the 665nm or the 715nm conversion and includes any lens you want calibrated. The competition will charge you more if you send in anything other than a 50mm lens!

Precision has chosen Digital Silver Imaging as their preferred lab partner to help promote this service and to provide our true B&W printing for their IR clients. DSI will charge the same price plus has special printing rebates when you send your conversion through us.

©Ron Rosenstock

We make it easy to convert your camera:
  1. Email your camera & lens make, model and serial #'s
  2. Fill out our credit card application form or call us with your information
  3. We will email you a pdf with a shipping label
  4. Pack and ship your camera & lens to Precision
  5. You will receive your converted camera in 1-2 weeks
Click here for more details about the IR service from Precision Camera, but please return to DSI to complete your conversion order.

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