Wednesday, July 1, 2009

David H Wells - Article on Outsourcing

David H. Well, one of our clients from Rhode Island, has just written a great article on the importance of outsourcing his photographic printing and why he has chosen to use DSI as his preferred lab for B&W digital printing.

Here is an excerpt from his blog:

"As photographers, outputting our images as final prints, is one area where many photographers think they should invest a lot of time and energy. I am NOT one of them. I know how much per hour I can make if I teach a class, do an assignment or work on my stock photography business. All of those activities pay me much better than spending months, even years, learning how to make first rate prints from my digital files. So, I for one outsource my color printing to: Similarly, I outsource my black and white printing to: I am now able to get first rate prints for very reasonable costs. The one thing that I invest energy in when it comes to printing my images is the calibrating of my monitor and the profiling of my images to match the profiles of the photo labs that I use. Printing your own work can give you pleasure so that is something to put into the calculation but for me, printing images is work, work that someone else can do better and more efficiently."

You can read the rest of David H Wells' Blog here.

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