Friday, July 31, 2009

Maine Media Workshops

I traveled up to Maine yesterday to drop off my daughter at camp and then drove across on Route 17 to Rockport to meet with Kate Izor from the Maine Media Workshops. The workshops were in full swing and classes and enrollment were solid. Stan Grossfeld had given a presentation about his Pulitzer Prize winning work on Wednesday night. Photographers John Goodman and Zig Harvey were in the middle of a workshop as well.
It is great to see that this wonderful place that so many of us have visited is alive and well with some solid leadership and passionate people. Kate and I had a great meeting and discussed ideas for future workshops and collaborating together.

When I left I got to travel down the coast in search of a Lobstah roll.

I found Shaw's, somewhere near Pemaquid Lighthouse. ZuZu, my faithful travel companion, kept looking for seagulls to chase, but had no luck. She's a great a great car traveler and never once asked me to change the music!

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