Friday, August 21, 2009

Digital Infrared Conversion Comparisons

Many of our customers who are thinking about converting one of their older digital cameras to shoot infrared ask what the differences are between 665nm and 715nm. We wrote about this earlier in another one of our blog posts, but this comparison chart is an excellent visual aid to help you see the differences.

The 665nm IR conversion allows less of the IR light to reach the camera's sensor, which yields better results for shooting color IR, but less of an effect for black and white infrared photography. Most of the conversions we have provided to our customers have been at 715nm. The dramatic affect is perfect for a more accurate black & white infrared effect.

As you can see, the file is still in RGB when you shoot it, so post processing is required. We are big proponents of the Nik Silver Efex Pro plugin for Photoshop for all of our black & white production work. It makes an excellent, non-destructive conversion and then provides many excellent tools to work on the file. We do offer a 15% discount on all of the NIK plugins, plus you will receive a special coupon when you order the software using our coupon code.

The files we have been printing for our clients have been outstanding. We still have the entire show of Ron Rosenstock's work that we produced here at the lab. All of his images were processed using Nik Silver Efex Pro and printed on our true gelatin silver fiber paper here at Digital Silver Imaging. You can click here to see his exhibit that we have on display through Sept 9th.

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