Thursday, August 20, 2009

Polaroid 8x10 Black & White Film

My former employer and current black & white supplier, HARMAN technology, has teamed up with the Impossible Project to help breath life back into Polaroid films.

"Polaroid's 8x10 instant films to make a comeback"

"Investors behind the Impossible Project, designed to bring back Polaroid's popular products, have purchased machinery necessary to revive 8x10 instant films".

The news about the possibility that there may be black & white Polaroid films back on the market is exciting. Polaroid enthusiasts will read this news and expect miracles, but time will tell. At Digital Silver Imaging, we are also enthusiastic about any news that champions the black & white cause! We wish all parties involved continued success!

This article appeared in the British Journal of Photography. To read the entire text, click here.

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