Monday, August 10, 2009

IR conversion on a Canon G7

I replaced my Canon G7 with a G10. Both are great cameras, excellent in manual and do great video. I didn't want the G7 to sit around doing nothing so I had the 715 nm IR conversion done by our partner Precision Camera.

The 715 nm conversion I had done is a typical infrared Conversion. It blocks wavelengths shorter than 715nm and allows those longer than 715nm to go through. It is a true infrared filter that should primarily be used for B&W photos, although very limited color infrared pictures are possible. Conversions performed with the 715nm filter are capable of rendering beautiful & rich B&W images with a dramatic infrared look to them.

The other conversion - 665nm - is a specialized Infrared Conversion. It blocks Wavelengths shorter than 665nm and allows those longer than 665nm to go through. This conversion is especially well suited for color infrared photography because of its broader transmittance properties. With this conversion a more saturated color infrared image is possible. B&W infrared is also possible with the 665nm although the results will not be as dramatic as the 715nm.

I really like the skin tone with the 715 nm conversion. It gives a smooth gray/silver tone.

Of course foliage looks great in IR.

If you're considering what to do with your older digital camera, consider converting it to Infrared. Digital Silver Imaging is offering IR conversions through our partner, Precision Camera. They have chosen Digital Silver Imaging as their preferred lab partner to provide true black & white gelatin silver printing from the IR files.

For more information and pricing about digital camera infrared conversions, please click here.

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