Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photo Pic of the week from The Boston Globe

We just received an order for this wonderful image from Boston Globe photographer, Bill Greene. Many of the images we print for the Boston Globe are of sports and other historical images. This one caught our eye for its classic black & white beauty. Greene captured this moment with natural light coming in from the window on the left. It's images like these that remind us of how classic and timeless good black & white prints can be.

Brothers- 62 year old twins Greg and Gordon Stafford at their deer camp with Gordon's 4 year old grandson Tristan. "If you couldn't go to hunting camp there would have to be something drastically wrong," says Gordon. "For Vermonters, deer camp is almost a necessity. It's a vacation a family thing. Island Pond, VT.
To view this image, and other images at the Globe Store, click here and order your copy today.

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